Multitrack Video: "In My Room"

Jan 3, 2010

On New Years Day my brother, Nate, and I spent the day relaxing with my girlfriend, Chelsea, and her room mate Joel. It was a lovely day and in the evening we decided to record a song. We decided to record (and film) The Beach Boys' song "In My Room" by Brian Wilson and Gary Usher. We were quite lucky to find a transcription of the voice parts here.

The results:

Also available as a free mp3:


  • Ukulele - Jordan Eldredge
  • "[Fat Congas](" Cajón - [Chelsea Hollow](
  • Tenor - Chelsea Hollow
  • Tenor II - Joel Klein
  • Baritone - Jordan Eldredge
  • Electric Bass Guitar - Nate Eldredge
  • Videographer - Nate Eldredge
  • Millinery Supplier - Alison Sheehan