Webamp - A reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and Javascript. As seen on TechCrunch, Motherboard, Gizmodo, Hacker News (1, 2, 3, 4), and elsewhere.

Winamp Skin Museum - Infinite scroll through 65k Winamp skins with instant search and in-browser interactive preview. As seen on The Verge, PC Gamer, AV Club, Gizmodo, CSS-Tricks, and Hacker News.

Markdown Today - A private, mobile-first web app that writes your journal directly to Dropbox.

Eslint-plugin-underscore - ESLint rules for Underscore

HashBin - A paste bin that never sees the contents of its pastes

Jerkll - A fourteen line static site generator that runs in your browser

Meme Generators - Make memes by typing a URL

Comedy Generators - Generate random sexy Halloween costume ideas.

Debut Album - Generate random album covers

For Opera Singers - Algorithmically suggest opera roles

Fach Generator - Generate over-the-top fach names - Generate random opera character Halloween costume ideas.


War Play the card game war in a png image.

Refresh Hero Play a Guitar Hero inspired game in a png image.

Refresh Cannon Play a physics game in a png image

For Ukulele Players

UkeChord Generate ukulele chord fingerings programmatically