[Ukulele Solo] Never On Sunday

Nov 7, 2011

As part of the "Backyard Sessions" which I posted about earlier, we also recorded this take of my solo ukulele version of Never on Sunday.

I take my ukulele with me everywhere I go. One day when I was sitting in the back of a bus on Height street I struck up a conversation with a guy who apparently also played. I let him take my instrument for a spin and he played this tune (which I new from the Chordettes recording). I loved the way it sounded on ukulele so I went home and figured it out for myself.

Video credit: Beau Lambert

Update (9/16/2012): When I first posted this recording, several people asked if there were tabs available. At the time I said I would write them up, but I never did. Shame on me for being a bad citizen of the internet. However, better late than never. Nearly a year later, I found the few hours to write it out. Thank you for your patience:

Never on Sunday ukulele tablature (pdf)