"The Surprise Slide" Ukulele Micro Song

May 21, 2011

It has been over half a year since my last post, and I'm back with something very similar. Chelsea was in San Diego, and while she was gone I finally was able to get something recorded for her. The number of ideas, over the past months, that never made it is staggering, but this one made it, thanks in no small part to its brevity and lack of lyrics. Despite its diminutive length, it still took me nearly an entire day to write, learn and record. Oy!

Chelsea and Jordan at Sarah and Andrew's wedding

It consists of the following tracks:

  • Rhythm electric ukulele

  • Lead electric ukulele

  • Harmony electric ukulele

  • Electric ukulele harmonics

  • "Slap yourself in the chest" bass drum

  • Electric bass

Have a listen! (Or download the first bit of it as an iPhone ring tone)

Download .mp3

Download .m4r (iPhone ring tone)