Refresh Hero Avatar Game

Apr 29, 2009

For a while now I have been interested in trying to create games that can be played in avatar images. People generally think of images as either static or animated, and I enjoy opening peoples eyes to the fact that images can be dynamically generated based on your interactions with it.

Refresh Hero is a play on Guitar Hero. You are asked to refresh the image after a specific number of seconds. The more accurate your timing, the more points you collect. If you miss the time mark wildly, you lose all your point. However, if you need to take a break, gaps longer than 20 seconds between refreshes will be interpreted as pausing the game. Hitting more than one in a row builds your chain, and you can collect chain bonuses for large chains.

To add to the fun, a high score leader-board is displayed at the bottom of the image so you can see your competition. If you want your name to be displayed on the leader-board instead of your ip address, you can simply enter your name (or nick) at the registration page.

So go ahead, refresh the page and clime the high score list!

Edit: I have added a top 50 high score list.

If you plan to play, you will get a better response time if you open the image in its own window.