Refresh Cannon

May 4, 2009

EDIT: Due to an excess of traffic, I have had to take Refresh Cannon off of this page. Please try again later. I am so sorry folks. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed. I will post it again when things cool down.

And... were back.

Inspired by the popularity of Refresh Hero, I am continuing in my exploration of the limits of avatar images. Of course the main challenge is developing ways for the user to have meaningful interaction with only their refresh button. The previous game used the element of time in binary fashion: either you got it right, or not. This new game uses time to allow you to adjust two different variables.

Avatar Cannon is the basic trajectory game of angle and velocity. The amount of time you wait before refreshing allows you to adjust these variable and attempt to hit the target. Each time you hit the target a new terrain is generated. The avatar also displays your standing against all other users. A full live high score list is also available.

Finally, if you would prefer to have your score listed next to your nick name, instead of your IP address, you can register here.

If you plan to play, you will get a better response time if you open the image in its own window.