In Dixie Land (Where I Was Born)

May 12, 2009

Since I began multitracking, my recordings have suffered from "recorded-with-the-built-in-microphone-itis" which has greatly reduced the quality of my multitracks. Recently I got my hands on a Zoom H4 "Handy Recorder".


This thing is awesome. In one portable package its: a high quality USB microphone, a portable recorder, a four-track machine, an effects pedal, and much more. To take the new contraption for a spin, I recorded an old favorite tag. I did all the multitracking on the Zoom, and then transferred the individual tracks to my MacBook where I added reverb and adjusted some levels (which I could have done on board if I had wanted to).

I have recorded this tag a few times before on my MacBook microphone and the difference of sound quality is pretty noticeable. Have a listen to this new recording of "In Dixie Land Where I Was Born":