Barbershop multi-track: Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone

Mar 10, 2008

Another attempt at barbershop multi-tracking:

Still to work on:

  • Rhythm (especially bad in bell chord: "gone, gone, gone, gone")
  • Consonants (Clear, but unobtrusive)
Again, this tag is from [this]( (No. 19) collection of barbershop tags. The arranger is not cited, but the .pdf says the tag was sung by the Dealer's Choice in 1973.

The tag:


  • [Love Letter's Straight from the Heart](/blog/my-first-barbershop-multi-track-love-letters/ )
  • [Lord, You Made the Night Too Long](/blog/barbershop-multi-track-lord-you-made-the-night-too-long/)