Note: The Commodordion, an accordion made out of two Commodore 64s

Oct 31, 2022

Amazing idea and execution. It feels like it sets up the idea of a musical instrument that feels like using Vim.

  • Modal input, where the buttons have different behavior depending upon what mode you are in.

  • The looper mode reminds me of macro authoring, where you can record a series of actions and then replay at a later time. Vim’s high-level commands (”move to the next word“ rather than “move n characters”) means you can apply macros to different sets of text and still end up with the same semantic result. Here the loop definition is agnostic of the chord it is playing, so you can program the loop once, and then apply chord changed separately as you play.

Via Matthew

Update Aug. 18th, 2023: Only recently have I learned that this is the same guy who made the self-editing Vim macro that draws a fractal.