Testing emails with Codeception

Jan 22, 2014

Update: (Mar 19, 2014) I have converted the helper file into a Codeception module which can be installed as a simple Composer requirement. You can find it (and its installation instructions) here: MailCatcher Codeception Module

Acceptance testing, testing your site via an automated browser, is great way to ensure that the various pages on your site behave the way you expect them to. However, there are some things that a website does that can be harder to test in acceptance tests. One of those things is email. Luckily the folks at Codeception wrote up a blog post on using MailCatcher's API to test sent emails.

screenshot of MailCatcher

Their examples give you all the pieces, but you still have to implement it. I decided to put them together into a Helper file that anyone can drop into their project.

Take a look at the project on GitHub: MailCatcher Codeception Helper. Once you have MailCatcher installed, its just a matter of downloading the file, and adding a few lines to your configuration.

Tags: php