Fixed the two major problems with the MAME cabinet

Dec 23, 2007

Finally I fixed the last two major flaws with the MAME cabinet!

Problem: The device that connects the arcade buttons to the keyboard port was not recognized as keyboard, and therefore the computer was not listening for input.

Solution: My brother hacked the kernel so that no matter if the keyboard is recognized or not, the computer listens on that port.

Problem: Since my upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy, xmame would sometimes not reset the resolution when it exited.

Solution: I found the answer here. By adding ; xrandr -s 1024x768 to the end of the list of options that wahcade passes to xmame, I essentially tell wahcade to run xmame (with my option) and when xmame closes (when I close a game) to reset the resolution with xrandr. So far, it seems to work.

It looks like we are ready for the xmame party just as soon as these holiday's are over.